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I visited Luc early on a Friday,while nobody there but us, so we can take a good look of this new and happening eatery on Wolter Monginsidi street. Luc’s interior is simple but sophisticated at the same time. There is the long bar with stools and also corner seats with red leather sofas that’s eyecatching. The menu here ranges from Italian to Indonesian food as well as fusion menus they have many selection of drinks too.

Thai Beef Salad (IDR 39.000): Beef, pomelo, rocket greens and Thai dressing.Love the sweet and savory dressing.

Quesadillas (IDR 35.000): Chicken, paprika, onions,mozzarella, guacamole,salsa and sour cream.This dish is good but a bit too salty.
Nachos (IDR 69.000): Beef, cheddar cheese, jalapeno, guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa and sour cream.Just average in taste and look.

Fried Mushroom (IDR 37.000): Champignon mushrooms,egg and bread crumb.Delicious crispy finger food.

Beef Tacos  (IDR 56.000): Tortilla wrap with beef,onion, paprika, pico de gallo filling and guacamole,salsa, sour cream on the side. The tortilla was good and the filling was delicious too.

Spaghetti Escargot Con Rucola (IDR 59.000): Escargot, rocket green, white wine, olive oil, garlic, chili. Good pasta, a little overcooked for my liking, but the seasonings and the escargot was delish.

Grill Rib Eye (IDR 319.000) with   French Fries (IDR 25.000) and  Asparagus Hollandaise (IDR 35.000) side orders: The steak was perfectly cooked and tasted okay but it’s a little tough to chew.Overall it wasn’t a perfect dish.

Fettuccine Aragosta (IDR 279.000): Lobster fettuccine with tomato sauce.Love the presentation.The pasta was a bit too overcooked for me but  it’s tasty and got generous amount of lobster meat too.

Fish Enoki Parcel (IDR 89.000):  Dory fish, enoki mushroom, potato and sake cooked in aluminium foil parcel.

Pan Seared Dori ( IDR 79.000): Dory fish, caprese, tomato cherry and asparagus. Lovely presentation and tasty, good quality fish.

Crepes (IDR 69.000): Banana, nutella, mount gay rum crepes with vanilla ice cream. One bite and I’m hooked!

Pannacotta (IDR 55.000): Vanilla cream pudding with strong liquored strawberry sauce  on the top.It’s quite delicious.

Chocolate Melt (IDR 39.000): Good quality chocolate cake with great vanilla ice cream that you can sink your teeth into.

















Luc Bar and Grill

Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.33
Wolter Monginsidi
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 7206366


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