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For your information, Little Tokyo just moved a few months ago from its previous location on the Ground Floor at the same Mall. So this review is actually just an update to the previous one. This restaurant has been operational for a number of years at Paris Van Java mall.

When it comes to shabu-shabu, I like a simple authentic Japanese shabu shabu more compared to Thai shabu shabu. I like it’s simplicity, using only thin slices of beef and various veggies, submerged in hot water with kombu in it (no MSG here, which is a plus point for me.) Then they are dipped in two kinds of sauce: ponzu (citrus based soy sauce) or goma (sesame based soy sauce) whichever you like better. The name shabu shabu itself is derived from the “swish swish” action and sound of cooking the meat in the pot. As once told by a japanese friend, the common japanese way is to cook the beef first, “swish swish”, take it out, and then you can dip the veggies afterwards.

By far, the closest one to the real japanese shabu-shabu in Bandung is the one in Little Tokyo, located at Paris Van Java Mall. It reminded me of Shabu Shabu House in little tokyo area of downtown LA. I like their goma sauce. Neither too sweet nor sour, just perfect for my taste bud. The way and the presentation on how they serve the shabu-shabu are also similar. Here, you have more selections of beef starting from australian, USA to wagyu. I just wish they serve iced UCC coffee just like at Shabu Shabu House to complete the meal. It would have been perfect 😉

For desserts, we had 2 ice cream scoops, chocolate and strawberry. Both flavours were tasty and rich with bits of chocolate and strawberry chunks on each one. Loved it!

little tokyo new1

little tokyo new2

little tokyo new3

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Little Tokyo
Paris Van Java Mall
Jl. Sukajadi No. 137 – 139, RL-C 20
Bandung, Indonesia

P. +62 22 7062 8888

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