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Following in the footsteps of Noah’s Barn to open coffee shop at unlikely spots in the city, Lacamera opened early last year to provide their food and services, thus offering options for people looking for artisan coffee eatery to have their meal at. Unlike its forerunner, Lacamera does offer a complete menu for lunch or dinner while delivering lighter focus on the coffee area.

lacamera coffee1

lacamera coffee2

When I first entered the cafe, I noticed a bright blue wall with some interesting decoration elements. The place itself was squarish with a long pantry bar on the left side and access to terrace area on the left far corner. Made me curious of what they can offer.

The menu here varied from fried noodle and fried tofu to pumpkin soup and pasta carbonara. I ordered several appetizers and some mains to start with: Pumpkin Soup, Mango Tuna Salad, Fried Egg Tofu. Continued with Sweaty Dory, Fried Noodle. And the last were their coffees: Cappuccino, Java Chips Frappuccino.

lacamera coffee3

lacamera coffee4

lacamera coffee9

lacamera coffee7

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lacamera coffee6

At the end of my lunch session here, I felt that they need to make a bit improvements in the kitchen and service area. However, the place with its interior details gave a nice vibe for hanging out while drinking coffee.


Lacamera Coffee
Jl. Naripan 79
Bandung 40112

P: +62 22 4210200
Open: Sun-Thu 7 am – 11 pm, Fri-Sat 9 am – 1 am



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