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Eastern group, that brought us restaurants or cafes like Eastern restaurant, Mangkok Ayam, and Poka Tiam, has opened another successful food spot called Kafetaria 170 approximately 3 years ago. It has since opened more restaurants such as Pasar Tong Tong, Dumb Dumpling, Scooter, Madame Hwa (already closed) and several others. Even though all its restaurants have different concepts, the cuisine that they offer did not fall off far from its source, chinese cuisine 🙂

I like the way they twist the concept of the cafe through the creative applications of architecture and interior into its buildings.

Lotek and Nasi Rames with sayur, kentang, soun, dan perkedel

Nasi Jinggo dan Juice Green Diet, Es Mojang and Es Durian

and some other menus that I forgot the names, oops.. my bad..
kafetaria 170-5

Although the food here was kinda ordinary in terms of taste and presentation, the value they provided was hard to resist. I feel that its food court concept with affordable pricing and such a clean and nice ambience, has delivered Kafetaria 170 to accomplish its objective to provide value meals to its customers.

Kafetaria 170
Jl. Pasirkaliki No. 170
Bandung, Indonesia

P. +62.22.84460028


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