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There are quite a few restaurants in Bandung offering dim sum on their menu. However, only a few prepares and serves dim sum in Chinese authentic way and even less for the ones serving good chinese dim sum. One of them is Jing Paradise, with address previously resided by Talaga Sari, besides Eastern Restaurant, Queen Restaurant, and the ones already well known in the Capital city of Jakarta, such as Duck King and May Star.

I was initially a bit skeptical having visited Talaga Sari a number of times during the last ten years before it closed down, as the dim sum was just so so. After dropping by two weeks ago, my skepticism subsided a bit. Now, Jing Paradise shared the building with Mercure Hotel by Accor hotel group. The building interior was richly decorated with oriental elements.

jing paradise1

jing paradise2

As usually ordered during my dim sum session, several regular items were already on my order list.

Xiao Long Bao (IDR 19,800)
Prawn Ha Kau (IDR 26,800)
Chicken Siu May (IDR 26,800)

Hot Sauce Wonton (IDR 19,800)
Mantao Ayam Ca Siu (IDR 23,800)
Cheong Fen Beef (IDR 21,800)

Chrysantemum Tea – my favourite choice of chinese tea during dim sum

Judging from the dim sum meal served, I can confidently vouch it as one of the top ones in the city. The steamed bun and dumplings were softly skinned with juicy insides. A good balance of taste overall. Good job from the kitchen team.

jing paradise3

jing paradise4

jing paradise5

jing paradise6

jing paradise7

jing paradise8

Jing Paradise
Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No. 269-275
P. +62 22 2012610

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