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I fell in love with this restaurant’s interior, from the first time I laid eyes on it. The whimsical atmosphere has a green house effect with sunlit rooms and terrarium decorations. There’s also a big private room fit for about 20 pax. Their menu is suprisingly variant,from Asian fusion to Western food.

Calamari with Wasabi Aioli (IDR 48.000): Deep fried squids served with crispy fried Nori and wasabi aioli. Crispy and satisfying.

Butter Chicken (IDR 79.000): Indian influenced dish made from marinated chicken breast, spicy yogurt, Pilaf rice, roasted eggplants and coriander leaves. Delicious, both the rice and the chicken.

Pasta Ala Penang (IDR 69.000): Sauteed prawns, chicken, chilies, spring onions, Thai basil leaves with sauce a la Penang Love the al dente pasta but there’s no trace of Penang taste.It’s more like ordinary tomato sauce to me.

Chocolate Soil (IDR 45.000): Chocolate crouton, Baileys chocolate mousse, chocolate spaghetti, chocolate dirt, garnished with micro herbs. Very visually interesting dessert. Super cute for kids. The taste for me, it’s just average, I think it’s more about the experience for this dessert.

Srikaya Butter Honey Bread (IDR 45.000): Lightly toasted butter honey bread, Pandan chiffon, served with Srikaya (Sugar Apple) sauce, chocolate caviar and homemade coconut ice cream.I wasn’t really impressed with the taste but the ice cream was good.










Taman Kemang 1A/8
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 56103888


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM

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