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On my life quest to continuously gain more skill and knowledge, I went to Surabaya and joined a workshop for a short 2 nights trip which brought me to this quite recently opened coffee shop. This coffee shop, launched in early May 2014, resided at Society Complex as one of establishment besides 1903 fine dining restaurant and Poplar bar and lounge under one management. Perched right at Jl. Sumatera of West Jakarta, Historica provided an alternative hangout spot for people in the area.

Historica, with its modern industrial interior, set a standard of its own in terms of its ambience. I love every detail they put into it. Combination of washed cement and white bricks on its walls created a perfect union, which is richly ornated with lamps and other fixtures. Please pardon my too many photo posts below since I got too immersed into photographing this particular venue.

historica 2 historica 16 historica 4 historica 5 historica 6 historica 7 historica 8 historica 9 historica 14 historica 15

Since I went there in the morning, I ordered 2 of their all day brunch menus.

Eggs Benedict – the poached eggs, boiled and prepared properly, topped with hollandaise sauce, made a quite satisfying breakfast for me.

Sunny Side Up on red beans – Served on a skillet with a bed of red sauce, the eggs looked appetizing and inviting. I also applauded the chefs for the delicious red bean bed below the eggs, that really complemented the dish further. Very nice.

For the drinks, we ordered cups of Cappuccino, Red Velvet Latte and Green Tea Latte.  Too bad the cappuccino did not have the volume of a great cuppa. It was too watery.  The lattes however hit the mark I set for these beverages.

historica 11 historica 12 historica 13

Overall, I was impressed with the amazing ambience of this place. It obviously topped my expectation of a cafe in Surabaya, with no intention at all of belittling Surabaya alright 🙂
The standard was comparable to the top restaurant or coffee shop in Jakarta. With a little tweak here and there especially the coffee which should be the main actor of it all, I can confidently say that Historica will be part of this history worth visiting.


Historica Coffee and Pastry
Society Complex
Jl. Sumatera 40

P. 031-5043151 / 52

Operating Hours:
Everyday : 7.00 am – 11.00 pm



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