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If you’re unfamiliar with his name,here’s a brief review of Hide Yamamoto’s amazing culinary history. In 2005 he became the first Executive Chef of the Mandarin Oriental in Washington DC and he has served three generations of American Presidents from Reagan, Bush and Clinton. So far he has established a string of successful restaurants in Singapore and Japan. The sixth restaurant and first ever that has opened here in Jakarta is located at Lotte Shopping Avenue by his own famous name ‘Hide Yamamoto’.

The restaurant was interestingly less fancy than I’ve expected. It has the authentic feel of the typical traditional Japanese restaurant without being over the top. There are three sections of the restaurant: Robatayaki, Sushi and Teppanyaki area.Aside from many available the private rooms, there is also a dining area which you can order from either or all three Japanese cuisine. I didn’t get the chance to try all of them of course,but there always be another day.

Green Salad (IDR 80.000): Very fresh salad with broccoli, corn,tomatoes and other veggies with refreshing Japanese dressing.

Tofu Salad (IDR 80.000): Tofu with Wakame Seaweed salad, baby Silver fish and Garlic Ponzu. Fresh seaweed with light cold tofu squares and tangy dressing.

Fried Blow Fish (IDR 180.000): Deep fried Blow fish with Ponzu sauce. I’m usually not very fond of fish dishes but this one got me hooked.The fish was tender,extra tasty and fragrant.
Pork Rib (IDR 180.000): Pork back rib black sesame Gochujang with Soy Flavor Rice cake.Beautiful presentation and juicy rib with flavorful rice cakes.

Ramen Miso (IDR 60.000): Ramen noodle with egg,seaweed, corn, pork slices in Miso soup.

Chuck Roll (IDR 240.000): Australian Wagyu Chuck roll stuffed with vegetables.The meat was juicy and buttery although some of it were a bit tough and chewy for me.

Sea Eel Square (IDR 200.000): Traditional Sea eel square cut sushi.One of the best sushi I’ve eaten in Jakarta.The eel was superb and the sushi rice was just perfect.

Choco Nuts Paradise (IDR 120.000): Chocolate ice cream, Crystal nuts,Brown sugar syrup, Black bean and Espresso Coffee.

Choco Tart (IDR 90.000): Almond cream tart, a piece of chocolate brownie, green tea ice cream and  Raspberry sauce.













Hide Yamamoto

LOTTE Shopping Avenue 
5FL- 02
Jl.Prof.Dr.Satrio Kav.3-5       
South Jakarta, Indonesia  

Phone: (021) 29889501


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

6:00 PM – 11:00 PM


    1. The Blowfish is a fried fish and the other two are sushi rolls. Both are good. If we have to choose, probly we’d go with the eel roll 🙂

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