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I was originally puzzled by the name of the cafe. First look at the place, it was inviting and interesting with unique and hip interior. However, it was a bit vague since I could not find the name in front. I just noticed the 5 words: Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho, which more like a tagline than a cafe name to me. When I got to the inside and saw the menu, I realized that the name is H5, the acronym of those 5 words outside.





They adopted vietnamese cuisine into their menu, which was a good thing since I was into vietnamese food and had a bit of a craving that day. So I decided to have my meal there.

Coco Meet Loco (IDR 40,000)
Thai Tea (IDR 25,000)

Son In Law (IDR 18,000)
Vietnamese Pork Chop (IDR 60,000)
Vietnamese Beef Pho (IDR 52,000)

When the drink was served, I took a gulp and felt a bit disappointed since I think it was too watery. However, I still felt positive about the food since this establishment was managed by OPCO, the group that brought you Portico, Yellow Fin, Tokyo Bowl, and Warung Koffie Tinggi. The food got to be better.

The appetizer “son in law” was quite good. The egg was cooked half boiled and sauced well. It was right on. However, remaining dishes failed to satisfy my taste buds. The vietnamese pork chop and beef pho were both below standard. The pork chop was a bit burnt and it was really tough. The pho’s broth did not taste properly. I might have come in an inopportune time. So today’s culinary trip is literally saved by the egg.

I expected more from this group to serve better food and beverages. I hope they can rectify the kitchen situation quickly so the place will have great dishes to go with their already nice ambience.






Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho (H5)
Grand Indonesia – West Mall 5th Fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1
Jakarta Pusat 10310, Indonesia

P: +62 21 2358 004
Open: 11 am – 12 midnight


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