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Rome is another city that fascinates me.The culture and city speaks for itself. As I was walking to the famous Fontana di Trevi,I set my sight for this cute restaurant with dry chili padies hanging on it’s windows.The inside is your typical Italian restaurants,with the booth seats and pictures on the walls.But this one has Hollywood stars theme which made me feel like I’m in LA instead.

Fritto di calamari su letto di insalata verde (€20.00): Fried squids on bed of green salad.

Fettuccine Mazzancolle,Vongole e pachino (€15.00): Fettuccine with king prawns, clams and cherry tomatoes.  Al dente pasta,perfectly seasoned.I think I will never forget this pasta

Lombata di vitella (€14.00€): Love the little crisp crust on this outside of veal steak.It’s really juicy.

Alla Mozzarella carda e prosciutto crudo di Parma (€10.00): Pizza with Parma ham and mozzarella.

Ai funghi e mozzarella (€10.00): Pizza with mushrooms and mozzarella.







Grill and Wine Pizzeria Ristorante

00187 Roma-Via in Arcione,74/75
 (Fontana di Trevi-ad.Via del Traforo)

Phone: 06 69925457


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