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Just across the Italian Al Molo restaurant in Harbour City, nested Greyhound eatery. The restaurant look more laid back and humble than most of the other fine dining in the area, but it doesn’t mean it’s less interesting. The first thing I’ve noticed was the tempting Parfait bar and desserts on display in front. The place was also packed but still manageable and accepting walk-ins.

Crispy Corn (HK$ 88.00): Crispy sweet corn with crab meat served with sweet and sour Thai sauce. This dish is very similar to Indonesian ‘Bakwan Jagung’/Corn cake.

Fried Seafood Spring Rolls (HK $ 98.00): Stuffed with Scallop, shrimps, squid and asparagus,served with dipping sauce. This one wasn’t that memorable.It’s pretty much tasteless and boring.

Noodle Beef Ball Soup (HK$ 78.00): Thai braised rice vermicelli in very tender braised beef soup and beef balls, served with chili sauce. The soup was succulent, the beef was tender,juicy and delicious.

Coconut Crepe Cake (HK $ 78.00): Light and thin crepes,layered with fresh cream and coconut meat from Thailand. The beautiful look was completed with thick soft milky cream, delicious crepes and tasty coconut meat.Overall it’s an ‘out of the world’ dessert!








Greyhound Cafe

Shop G01, Ocean Terminal
Harbour City, Kowloon
Hong Kong.

Phone: 2383 6600

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sat. 10:00 AM-10:30, Sun.: 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM

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