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This lovely urban, I was born at and have resided for so many years, is a bit slow in receiving global influence outside the country. So naturally, when a restaurant offering authentic Mediterranean cuisine came along, I did not wait long before I went there to try it out.

The completely open-air restaurant is quite small and could only hold about 12 tables or 50 pax in the dining area, by the cashier counter and pantry are, located just in front of the kitchen I am assuming. I like the fact that the entire restaurant was done quite seriously from every single detail of it. You could notice their commitment right away from the way they serve the guests with the hand washing ritual before eating the main dishes, as well as the menu they offer in this establishment.

gaza 1

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After browsing the menu and asking questions to the patiently waiting steward, I decided on a choice of soup, one appetizer, two lambs mains, and two beverages. For the mains, one is the lamb menu with rice, and the other is served with pita bread. However, the Kofta Kharouf was not available at the time, so I changed my order to Kofta Tavuk, which is the chicken version of the dish.

gaza 7

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gaza 9

Ajo Blanco Soup – The taste of this spanish cold soup was rather peculiar. It was not my favorite, but it’s different. It had almonds and garlic in the blend and served with traditional grape garnish. I would try the choice of their hot soups the next time I visit though.

Borekh – This savory turkish pastry, made of thin flaky dough filled with cheese, was a great appetizer choice to start the meal. Liked it and licked the plate clean 🙂

Ruzz Kabsa Kharouf – I personally do not like lamb meat that much. However, this one I have to hand it to them on handling and preparing the dish that creates a really nice balanced rice dish with juicy and well-seasoned lamb meat.

Kofta Tavuk – Nicely presented on hanging skewers, this grilled moroccan minced chicken was served with pita bread. The chicken meat itself is a bit tough, but having it with the right sauce together with pita bread gave a unique dining sensation. I would recommend to go for the lamb choice for this dish which is Kofta Kuzu.

Marakesh Tea (Cold)
Tamarind (Cold)

Overall experience of dining at Gaza has been satisfactory and enjoyable to say the least. Despite their simple interior and building, they actually delivered the experience properly through their commitment in creating the overall Mediterranean dining experience.
Gaza Mediterranean Bandung
Jl. Pahlawan 72
Bandung – Indonesia
Phone: +62 22 7219361

Operating hours:
Everyday 10.00 am – 10.00 pm


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  1. My thoughts exactly! The day after I found out this restaurant existed I immediately tried it out and the food was great. Service was a kinda slow, but I guess they made it up with serving good food 😀

    Too bad they didn’t have any desserts up when I visited. They said it had something to do with not having many prepped as they were worried of getting them spoiled… oh well, better luck next time. They need to do something about that though, else they’re gonna have a bunch of disappointed sweet-toothed customers :p

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