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The first thing I’ve noticed about this restaurant is the giant brass Hedwig-like owl statue in front. As a fanatic Harry Potter books is quite a fantastic sight. Entering Gardin Bistro Bali is like entering a fantasy world, beautiful lush garden surrounding the chapel-like interior, complete with stained glass ornaments and rustic furniture. Going further in, another section of beautiful bright sunlitted green house-like with colorful seats, perfect for a nice afternoon tea or just laid back time. As far as the interior and concept, this restaurant delivers something ethereal and quite astounding. Too bad I couldn’t say the same about the food. The menu that consisted of French-Italian-Balinese fusion food seems interesting enough, but just couldn’t give me that wow factor.

Roast Pumpkin Salad (IDR 68.000): Roasted pumpkin with spinach, yogurt, granolanand honey. Refreshing and fullfilling.

Classic Caesar Salad (IDR 60.000): With poached egg. The salad’s dressing was a bit odd, more mayonaisse like than caesar salad.

Escargots (IDR 85.000): Escargot with garlic butter and homemade toasted sourbread. Good tasty escargots.

Baramundi Fillet (IDR 138.000): With parmetia potatoes, seafood and tomato ragout. The fish was just flat and tasted boring, the skin was rubbery. The Balinese side dish also didn’t quite deliver, the most disappointing thing was that I found the squids weren’t cleaned well.

Creamy Seabass Fillet (IDR 138.000): With creamy fettuccine pasta, mussels and clam veloute. Nice seasoned fish, very very creamy pasta sauce, too creamy for my liking.

King Prawn Linguine (IDR 108.000): With cream, nori and masago. The prawns were overcooked , same overly creamy pasta.

Banana Nutella Tart (IDR 50.000): I like the chocolate and banana filling, sadly the tart crust was hard and flaky.

Orange Florentine (IDR 50.000): Orange sponge cake with layers of orange cream. The cake was light and fragrant.

Raspberry Cheesecake (IDR 60.000): I was expecting American cheesecake but this cheesecake was very light,too airy until it resembles more like pudding.


















Gardin Bistro and Patisserie

Jl.Petitenget No. 106
Seminyak – Bali

Phone +62 361 8499799


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 01:00 AM


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