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Originally located at the Equinox building on Jl. Setiabudhi, Fuku Ramen started serving their ramen around late 2012. They moved to the new location at Jl. Pasirkaliki around mid 2013. The place is small but pretty neat.

Their menu only consists of ramen, drinks and a few extras such as chicken karaage, tamago etc. They only serve chicken and beef ramen, no pork. I ordered Fuku Chicken Chashu Ramen, Fuku Spicy Chicken Ramen, and Chicken Karaage Mayonaise.

The noodle and the chicken broth based soup is well cooked with a good stiffness and thickness level for the noodle and the soup, respectively. As you know, chicken based broth for ramen such as the ones being served at Hakata Ikkousha Bandung or Shinmen usually give a heavier after taste. So if you eat too much, it might give you a bloated feeling. I’m not sure if it’s just me or not tongue

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Anyhow, I would put Fuku Ramen on my ramen cafe list in case I need to satisfy my cravings for ramen due to its decent ramen, surroundings, and affordable price.


Fuku Ramen
Jl. Pasirkaliki 71 A
Bandung, Indonesia

P:  +62 22 6011756
Open: 10 am – 10 pm, Closed on Monday


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