Author: Posh Eater

My next European tour was in Amsterdam.Among their most famous tourist destinations is the Fisherman Village,Volendam. The small city is beautiful and a heaven for souvenir hunters. After a brief shopping, I’ve decided to stop by the Fish and Chips shop.Their fast food style fried food looks so tempting and tasted really good in the nice cold weather.

Kip Snitzel Menu (9,95€): Breaded white meat chicken with fries/chips and salad.

Lekkerbek Menu (9,95 €): Fish fillet with potato salad and fries.

Krab Mix Menu (11,95 €): Fried crab legs, artificial crabs,fries,potato salad.

Zalm Menu (12,95 €): Grilled Salmon with fries and potato salad.

Vis Mix Menu (12,95 €): Mix fried seafood with potato salad and fries.









Fish and Chips Volendam

Haven 22
1131 Er Volendam
Phone: 0299-323401


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