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Pondok Indah Mall has been one of my all time favorite malls,since I could remember, and ever since it’s expansion with the Street Gallery area, it’s looking more homey to me. Along with it’s ever growing and changing restaurant tenants was Fiddleheads, a nice looking and spacey restaurant, huge enough to held meetings,large parties and other special events.The menu has many Indonesian food, as well as Italian and Western fusion cuisine. Part of the amusing area about Fiddleheads is also the waffle/ice cream bar they have, quite intriguing for adult or kids with sweet tooth to satisfy.  The inside of the restaurant is simple with large fantasy mural.

Fried Mushroom (IDR 45.000): Fried chopped Shitake mushrooms with sweet and sour sauce on the side.

Beef Steak Sandwich (IDR 88.000): Beef Steak sandwich with cheese and caramelized onion. I was expecting Phili Cheese steak – like sandwich, but it was far from that. The beef was in small pieces, the bread was dry and it’s kind of tasteless.

Mie Aceh (IDR 69.000): Spicy noodle soup dish, specialty of Acehnese people from Aceh region, Indonesia.Now this is something to brag about. The noodle was firm, cooked nicely, the sauce was thick and well seasoned, it’s delicious.

Squid Ink Noodle (IDR 59.000): Black squid ink – garlic egg noodle with fried calamari on top. The noodle had strong flavor, good texture, but the fried calamari was dreadful. It’s very tough to chew.

Roast Chicken (IDR 99.000): Roast half chicken with barbecue sauce. It was tender and marinated very well.

Toffee Date Pudding (IDR 45.000): Delicious nicely done cake and delicious toffee sauce and yummy vanilla ice cream.













Street Gallery
Pondok Indah Mall, Ground Floor G9-10
Jl.Metro Pondok Indah
South Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 2952 9733

Opening Hours

Mon-Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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