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A morning quick errand to Puri Indah area brought me to drop by Fctry Bistro and Bar just around noon time to have my lunch fix. Located at the newly erected St. Moritz Mall, Fctry serves meal from breakfast till dinner time.

Even from the outside, you can tell that it adopts industrial architecture and interior like many other cafes nowadays. The walls were ornated with exposed cables and pipes. It was very nicely designed and constructed.

fctry 1

fctry 2

fctry 3

The menu is definitely western with asian fusion blended into it. I ordered their popular dishes as suggested by the restaurant’s supervisor.

Ox Tongue Don (IDR 80,000) – The tongue was quite tender and sauce was good. I prefer the beef to be made more tender though. To be honest, if I am allowed to be personally subjective and comparing it, I prefer the one at another cafe (that I’m not at the liberty to mention due to ethical matters) a tad better. However, I found this one to be already better than average, so for me it comes as urbanouteaters recommended.

Dry Aged Burger (IDR 80,000) – It was good. I was hoping the combination of meat to be more juicy though.

Lemon Lime Bitter (IDR 35,000)
Cappuccino (IDR 35,000) – It was just alright compared to many more serious coffee in coffee shops.

fctry 4

fctry 5

fctry 6

Fctry is boasting the recently popular cafe ambience and they nailed it. If they can upgrade the food a little bit to the next level, I am quite sure it will be flocked more than it already is.

Fctry Bistro & Bar
St. Moritz Mall, GF No. 98
Jl. Puri Lingkar Luar Barat
Puri Kembangan
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

P. 087777887879

Operating Hours:
Sun-Fri 9.00 am – 10.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am – 12 midnight


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