Author: Posh Eater

It’s hard to choose which Taiwanese/Japanese dessert place to try first in Pantai Indah Kapuk area cause there are just too many of them. Unfortunately only a few of them are open on Lebaran holiday, so today my choice landed on Fat Bubble. The place is more humble than the rest but it’s still nice and have friendly service. I was still stuffed from my big lunch, so I’d have to settle on a few of their tempting looking ice dessert.

Milk Series C1 (IDR 39.000): Fat Q ball, grass jelly, red bean, bubble and vanilla ice cream. Love the texture of their grass jelly and the Q ball. The white bubble are delicious too. Delicious.

Grass Jelly Series A1 (IDR 30.000): Grass jelly, Q ball and rice ball. Similar to the previous one but without the ice-cream.






Fat Bubble

Ruko Crown Golf Mediterania PIK Blok A / 17
Jalan Marina Indah, Jakarta Utara
DKI Jakarta 14470, Indonesia


Phone: +62 21 96811118

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