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It feels like Christmas morning for a French pastry lover like me when I heard the opening of Eric Kayser place in Plaza Senayan,Jakarta. I wouldn’t call the interior as extraordinary, but it’s cozy and nice for a simple gathering. The beautiful pastries and french bread display is first what caught my attention. I can’t wait to try them all.

Salade Poulet Cesar (IDR 78.000): Grilled chicken breast, fresh green salad, boiled eggs with classic Caesar dressing.

Gratin D’escargots (IDR 85.000): Escargot gratin in herbs butter served with toast.

Croque Monsieur (IDR 95.000): Pain de mie with smoked beef ham, emmental cheese and bechamel sauce served with mixed lettuce tossed in French dressing. Delicious sandwich with light  filling.

Croissant Burger (IDR 98.000) :Croissant beef burger with cream cheese, lettuce, sliced tomato and red onion served with fries. Love the crunchy but fluffy croissant.The beef patty wasn’t overly seasoned which was perfect to be eaten with the cheese.

Spaghetti Pesto Au Poulet (IDR 78.000): Spaghetti tossed with basil pesto, grilled chicken and shaved Parmesan I really like the light pesto.It added the richness to the otherwise simple pasta dish.

Fougasse Au Boeuf Grille (IDR 168.000): French pizza with grilled rib-eye, roasted paprika, red onion, fresh mozzarella, creme fraiche and BBQ sauce. Excelent pizza dough.Really tasty cheese.Succulent steak on top with rocket greens to added the  crisp.

Coffee Eclair (IDR 36.364): Recommended for all of you coffee addict. Made from real coffee beans,you can really taste the strong flavor.

Chocolate Eclair (IDR 36.364) : Dark chocolate eclair that melts in your mouth.

Pineapple Tart (IDR 40.909): I was expecting sourness on this tart,but the pineapple pieces on the top was sweet and crunchy, the pie crust with coconut sprinkles was perfect too.

Passion Tart (IDR 40.909): Sweet and sour, really tantalized my taste buds.

Chocolate tart (IDR 45.000): Dark chocolate with crispy tart.

Vanilla Eclair (IDR 40.000): Eclair with real vanilla bean sugar topping.

Mi Cuit (IDR 68.000): A thin shell of delicious chocolate cake over a hot chocolate lava filling served with vanilla ice cream.



















Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger

Plaza Senayan 3rd Flr.
Jl.Asia Afrika No.8, Gelora, Jakarta Pusat 10270, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 57905365


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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