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The wave of ice desserts cafe has begun to enter Bandung at lightning speed. After the emergence of Pat Bing Soo, a Korean shaved ice dessert, now following Jakarta, Taiwanese shaved ice (commonly called BaoBing) and Japanese shaved ice (locally called kakigori) is starting to make its way to Bandung culinary world through cafes like: Dezato and Enoshima.

The space is a bit tight. You can choose the seating inside just in front of the counter to get cozy or you can seat in the middle section with regular table and booth like seating. For smokers, there are also a few tables on the outdoor area in the front.

enoshima 1

enoshima 2

enoshima 3

enoshima 4

They basically serve limited option of meals, iced desserts and coffee. And since iced desserts was the primary target of my visit, I just ordered one of its Anmitsu (desserts).

Meibutsu anmitsu (IDR 35,000) – This anmitsu has Matcha ice cream, red bean and…in the mix.

Hot Taro Latte (IDR 24,000) – The flavour of Taro was quite balance in this latte drink. Not bad.

Jl. Riau (RE. Martadinata) No 172
P. +62 899 275 7256

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Opening Hours:
Sun 8 am – 10 pm
Fri-Sat 8 am – 11 pm


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