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As a follow through review from Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast, I am writing a short review on just the cafe itself. Located just below the lobby and rooms area of the b&b, the cafe was a cure for an eyesore. With exterior adorned with white door and windows on the front side of the cafe, one can only imagine how it would look inside. The interior was richly embellished with frames, posters, shelves, and chalk writings, not to mention the wood- and steel-based furniture making it chic and homey at the same time.

cottonwood cafe 1

cottonwood cafe 2

cottonwood cafe 3

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The showcase on the counter contained several pastry and dessert items. On the side column to the left, the beverage menu was written on the black board material. After we took the seat and browse through the menu, we decided on Herby Mushroom and Croque Monsieur since it was recommended by the cafe owner.

cottonwood cafe 7

cottonwood cafe 8

Herby Mushroom (IDR 23,000) – The overall balance was good. The mushroom was nicely cooked with appropriately cooked egg. The yellow part of the egg was watery when I cut it open with a knife. The bread is a bit tough but I would say that it depends on preference.

Croque Monsieur (IDR 33,000) – It was a bit different than the croque monsieur I used to have, but the taste was not disappointing. The toast and cheese blended in nicely.

Cappuccino (IDR 27,000)
Peach+Muesli Smoothies (IDR 29,000)

It was overall a lovely experience. Felt like having a nice brunch at a cute little house. The ambience was superb for such a small place. If you are in the neighbourhood for breakfast or brunch, I would recommend you to give it a try. Who knows you might find the b&b as a great choice for stay over as well besides enjoying the cafe itself.

Cottonwood Cafe

Jl. Mustang B2/1A
Kumala Garden
Bandung, Indonesia
P. +62 22 7519 1234


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