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I’ve seen pictures of this place several times on social media and got quite intrigued by it, so I decided to check it out. Turns out the place was indeed cute and homey. We also found out that they’ve just recently opened up a cafe (Cottonwood Cafe) downstairs to facilitate breakfast area for guests and outside visitors as well, which will be covered on my next post. You can see that the owner put quite an effort to put details everywhere in this b&b.

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Next to their front counter, I noticed a small room that turns out to be a tiny store that sells some cute crafts and goodies.

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Even the aisle that’s leading to the rooms is full with wall decorations along with a distinctive frame and quotes to convey the room name and theme of the room. As you can see each room is designed differently one from the other. I only managed to get a shot of 3 out of 9 rooms, since they had a few guests staying at the time.

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Here, you can see their outdoor space, which was previously used for breakfast (and still are if you choose to), before they opened up the cafe downstairs I mentioned earlier.

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This b&b is strategically located in proximity with a major free way to Jakarta. With an average price of IDR 350,000 a night, plus breakfast and wifi included, this cozy b&b is definitely a valuable choice for many travellers.


Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast
Jl Mustang B2/ 1A (Kompleks Kumala Garden)
Pasteur, Bandung, Indonesia

P: +62 22 75191234, +6281223045481


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