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Chung Gi Wa from jakarta finally opens in Bandung after rapid expansion during the last years into 4 outlets in its birth city.  The latest outlet in Jakarta is the one in Gandaria City launched last year and bringing its familiar style from the first one in Dharmawangsa as mentioned by my fellow eater, Posh Eater 🙂

As you can see from the picture, Bandung branch ushered Chung Gi Wa’s distinctive traditional architecture in its exterior as well as interior. They also use specialized exhaust pipes like the ones used in Korea to draw the smoke from the grill.  I spend the time checking out the available seats and noticed that it was a three-storey building. The second floor has several private rooms and the third floor serve mainly chicken dish and they call it Chicken Phong.

chung gi wa 1

In the same way as many traditional korean restaurant, we were first served their complimentary light snacks which they call “BanChan”. You can also ask for more if you’re running out of ban chan 🙂  Now proceeding to the food part, I browsed their menu and decided to try several korean signature dishes.

Soon Do Bu – Since I was expecting a bubbly boiling Soon Do Bu soup on a black stone bowl, I was a bit surprised when the dish came on a stainless steel bowl..without the boiling part too. But the important thing, of course, is the taste and the dish tasted great. I love spicy food, so a bit more spicy would have been better.

Jap Chae – The glass noodle has wonderful texture and taste. I know it’s not easy to do since I rarely find restaurants that can make such texture on the jap chae.

For the meat, I ordered two dishes since it’s the minimum requirements if you want to have it cooked on the spot. In the end, we have the server cooked the meat on the grill in front of us.

Bul Go Gi – The meat is tender and juicy. Loved it.

Sam Gyop Sal / Pork Belly – For fat lovers, this is the dish to savour. tongue

Bul Gal Bi / Beef Ribs BBQ – Cooked medium as requested, the meat was very tender. Must have!

Usamgyop / Brisket Special Korea – Derived from the cow’s neck, this part of meat was a bit fatty. However, the taste was really good.

Yam Yum Gui / Marinated Pork – Most recommended pork dish according to me. The meat was tender and the taste of the marination was superb.

Galbi Tang / Beef Ribs Soup –  Enough for 3 persons. This soup was quite good, however I still like Soon Do Bu chigae better.

According to the server, they are using beef imported from US and pork from Bali. Service-wise, it’s not disappointing at all, our server is attentive and communicative to provide whatever we need or even answer whatever question we might have.

chung gi wa 2

chung gi wa 3

chung gi wa 4

chung gi wa 6

chung gi wa 5

chung gi wa 7

chung gi wa 10

chung gi wa 8

chung gi wa 9

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Chung Gi Wa
Jl. Leumah Neundeut No. 87-89
Sukawarna-Sukajadi, Bandung 40164

P: +62 22 201 7638
Open: 11 am – 10 pm



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