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The booming of Jakarta’s collection of ‘desserts only’ places is a sign of our increasing appreciation of Culinary Arts, although not many if these places really deserved to be given such title. My visit to Chicory French’s Patisserie was unforgettable. It’s not only for the incredible taste of the cakes but also for passion and dedication on each and every beautiful tiny pastries that they created.  The place itself is very cozy and minimalist. A great place to just sit back and enjoy the fine sweet (and salty) treats they offer.

Quiche (IDR 60.000): French Brie with sun dried tomato,red peppers and mushroom with French salad with creamy dressing on the side. Tasty rich quiche with all the good ingredients you can taste.

Fresh Raspberry cheesecake (IDR 55.000): Probably one of the best  french cheesecakes in Jakarta.The cheesecake was light and airy while the outside crust was crunchy.

Scone (IDR 25.000) : I love scones and this one even better.It’s lighter than other scones I’ve eaten in Jakarta and had Date Palm bits inside. It’s really good.

Caramel Hazelnut   (IDR 28.000): Gorgeous and tasty too.The chocolate was rich and when you bite it,you’ve got that sticky and salty caramel  layer in the bottom.Yummm!

Cointreau Buttercream (IDR 25.000): Although you couldn’t really taste yhe Cointreau, this one was also the winner.Light creamy inside, crunchy sweet orange flavored sprinkles on the outside.

Chocolate Caramel Cake : Original chocolate cake with caramel and chocolate cream.

Caramel Eclair (IDR 42.000): Once you see it you won’t be able to resist it.The caramel glaze speaks for itself.The eclair itself wasn’t too sweet which was perfect to be paired with the crunchy top.

Fresh berries Tart (IDR 60.000): Small beautiful custard like tart with delicious pie crust and blueberries on top.

Chocolate Mousse (IDR 25.000): Bitter chocolate mousse with strong liquor flavor.

Ice Cream of the Day (IDR 30.000): I’m a sucker for homemade ice cream. This.This one was Coconut flavor.It has a strong fragrant and not too sweet.

Lemon meringue (IDR 25.000): This tart wasn’t my favorite.The smell of the egg custard was strong.

Lemon Curd (IDR 22.000): Similar with lemon meringue without the meringue.This one also have a strong egg odor.

Flavor of Asia  (IDR 32.000): Beautiful and delicious dark chocolate tart with dry edible flowers on top.

Coffee profiteroles (IDR 22.000): Lovely airy pastry ball, delicious filling and tasty coffee sugar topping.

Apple Crumble (IDR 22.000): The apple crumble was a little too dry to me.























Chicory French Patisserie

Jl.Sumendep No.9  Menteng
Central Jakarta

Phone : (021) 3192 5799


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 8:00 AM – 6:00 PMtakeaw



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