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Please pardon my hopping around different cities review due to my writing tardiness tongue These are from my previous months’ to previous year’s culinary experience that I’d like to share with you but have not got a chance to write it.

Chat Thai, considered to be one of best cheap eats in Sydney according to many local media, has already opened 5 branches. Its long history of 25 years has proven Chat Thai as the benchmark name for Thai cuisine in Sydney.

Depending on the location you went to, they provided different atmosphere as well as method of serving. If you went to the one in Thaitown or Randwick, they took your order on the table like in a restaurant, however if you visited the Westfield or the Galleries branches, they ran a food court style operation where you have to order and pay first, as well as pick your own order.

chat thai sydney 1

chat thai sydney 2

Having the opportunity to visit Chat Thai several times, I can confidently vouch for their menu. Their stir fried pork belly with vegetables and the stir fried wide rice noodle with chicken were both appetizing yet not overly seasoned.

chat thai sydney 3

chat thai sydney 4

chat thai sydney 5

For the cuisine lovers, this thai cafe would come highly recommended.


Chat Thai
Level 6, Westfield Sydney, 188 Pitt St Mall
Sydney, Australia
Phone: +61 02 9221 0600


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