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Bunga Rampai is one of the well known Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta.Many expatriats and locals love this restaurant for their authentic Indonesian menu and the modernized Dutch style interior. The three stories building is a perfect place for small to large gatherings with their many private spots tables and rooms. The service here is also top notch, with  “service à l’anglaise ” (“English Service”/ a waiter’s technique of transferring food from a service dish to the guest’s plate from the left).

Asinan Teratai (IDR 37.500): Carrot, jicama, mung bean sprout, pineapple, cabbage, chineee chive, tofu, fermented chinese cabbage, deep fried peanut, served with hot sweet and sour peanut sauce. Perfect sweet sour and tangy taste mixed together in one plate.

Asam Asam Iga (IDR 87.500): Spicy sweet and sour short ribs soup. I was dissapointed of this soup dish.The soup was missing it’s sweet and sour taste from the Asam Jawa which is supposed to be the major element of this meal.

Nasi Bakar Ikan Asin (IDR 73.000):  Steamed coconut milk rice in hot stone bowl with chili salty fish, lemon basil, served with braised soya bean cake skewer, braised meat (empal), chili tomato relished. Couldn’t get enough of this savory dish.The salty with a little hint if spicyness complimented the succulent rice dish.

Ayam Bakar Seruni (IDR 97.000): Grilled chicken with sweet soya sauce, caramelized shallot and naznaran mandarin. Sweet and salty, tasty to the bone, grilled chicken.                                                             

Tumis Pare Telor Asin (IDR 53.000): stir fried bitter melon, with salted egg and bird eye chili,deep fried “engraulidae” on the top. I’m usually not a fan of the bitterness taste  of Pare/Bitter Melon, but this one isn’t bitter at all.  It’s really good.










Bunga Rampai

Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.35
Menteng, Jakarta

Phone:(021) 3192 6224/ 3192 6225


Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 11:00 AM- 11:00 PM 

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