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Just across SMA Labschool Jakarta,is where you’ll find Beranda Kitchen. I spontaneously went through the first level of the eatery and it was dark and looks closed when I arrived, the second level looks more lively although there was only a couple more people dining there.The servers were super friendly, even helpful in satisfying our ‘narcistics’ personalities.:-) The menu here are very much ‘home’ food, with also some Italian and Western dishes.

Breaded Mushroom (IDR 42.000): Delicious crunchy, slightly greasy crusted button mushrooms deep fried and served with chili sauce and tar tar sauce on the side.

Gulai Ikan Sale (IDR 50.000): Dried Salai fish /catfish with spicy Indonesian curry sauce. The fish was a little too dry for me although the curry sauce was delicious.

Tumis Daun Pepaya (IDR 42.000): Stir fried Papaya leaves with papaya flower, gnetum gnemon (melinjo or belinjo) leaves, turmeric leaves, and lemon basil (kemangi leaves). I was afraid I would taste the bitterness, but amazingly it wasn’t.

Iga Bakar Madu (IDR 85.000): Honey glazed BBQ ribs with steamed rice and sambal on the side. Love The sweetness and savory of the sauce, the ribs was okay,some part was tough to chew.












Beranda Kitchen

Jl.K.H.Ahmad Dahlan No.21
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: +62217221216


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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