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New cafes are popping out like forest mushrooms in the tourism area of Bandung. About two to three months ago, a new cafe called Bee Hive, located at prime dago wing area, opened its doors to the public.



The interior is contemporary industrial with a hint of rustic, brought by the use of wooden panels on some areas. The wall, partition and some other decoration elements were somewhat influenced by the cafe theme, Bee Hive. You can see a steel partition created into the pattern of beehive. The walls on the back was adorned with drawings of bees and their hives.




Pomme Lyonaise Benedict (IDR 35,000) – The eggs were cooked just right. The taste was a bit bland, but overall it was quite good.
Moussaka (IDR 37,000) – This baked potato and tomato based dish was alright.

Fried Secrets Mushroom (IDR 25,000) – Liked this fried mushrooms.
Dory au Gratin (IDR 60,000) – The fish was well-cooked, however it was lack of fresh seasonings to bring out the flavor.

Berry Panacotta (IDR 28,000) – As a dessert lover, this panacotta just didn’t make it to the top of my list.

Red Alert (IDR 25,000) – Refreshing!
Hot Cappuccino (IDR 23,000) – It was a reasonably good coffee.

It is my personal verdict that the whole concept and the food is acceptable for Bandung market, since whenever you put your grader cap on, to be objective and fair, you have to consider the overall factors including the market and the level of its competitors in this particular market.

The ambience is good with some sound structural settings allowing outside light to enter the building, providing natural homey ambience. The food and beverages were quite good. The presentation of the dishes were also neat and well-thought. I would just stop at saying they are alright.

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Beehive Cafe and Eatery
Jl. Dayang Sumbi no. 1
Bandung – Indonesia
Phone: 022-2505801 / 2510671


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