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I was led to this new indie spot of Pasar Santa by a friend I unexpectedly met during my coffee time at Trafique Coffee. He was going for another round of coffee there so he asked me to come and check it out.

Pasar Santa, with building not far fetched from Pasar Baru or Pasar Kosambi of Bandung, deluded my mind of what kind of shops were there in this market. After parking my car in the back, I went inside the market and straight to the 2nd floor where I heard sound of people murmuring from a distant.

bear and co 1

bear and co 2

bear and co 3

It was quite surprising the way the crowds are gathering around the tiny shops selling stuff like books, records, snacks, and coffee.
The stalls were simple, but it was pleasing the way the people there socially interact with each other. The shops were still circling the stairs as the focal point for now, which I felt will grow wider pretty soon.

One of the stalls there was Bear & Co coffee. I was immediately attracted by the pipe-style beer dispenser, usually found at brewery or bar alike. The man behind the counter was Josh Estey, photographer and founder of Bear & Co, accompanied by his daughter Xenia. He formerly setup a pop-up-coffee-shop-on-a-bike doing his round at Thamrin and Sudirman area during car free day session on Sunday and having his shop did rather well, he thought why not open up a counter somewhere.

The guy was quite a story teller. He told us how he started up all this and how they did the counter construction and everything themselves as family. He was quite proud of that. And he should 🙂

Having inspired by all this, I ordered a few drinks both to quench my thirst of coffee and to try it out.

Nitro Coffee (IDR 30,000) – This coldbrew coffee was nicely balanced. I can’t stop drinking it till the last drop.

Coldbrew Tea (IDR 20,000) – The tea drink was prepared on the spot through shaking method and was quite unique and refreshing. Josh argued that his blend is the only one in the world.

California Latte (IDR 30,000) – This one is basically coldbrew mixed with milk. Balanced well, however for people who have a certain dislike towards milk, I would recommend to try Nitro Coffee instead.

and Es Keleus (IDR 20,000) – This cup has fresh coconut and jackfruit in the mix.

Evidently, this new found coffee spot has indulged my ceaseless craving for good coffee experience.


Bear & Co

Pasar Santa, 2nd floor
Jl. Cipaku 1 No. 1
Kebayoran Baru


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