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I immediately got the high end vibe right after I stepped into Akira Back.The interior itself is simple but grand, with pretty ornate sliding doors and walls. On the 12th floor of the adorned MD building, the view of Kuningan area, South Jakarta is a sight for sore eyes. To give you an idea about the menu, it’s mostly Korean Japanese fusion food. Chef Akira Back/Sung Ook Back is a restaurant entrepreneur of the award winning Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant and Lounge in Las Vegas and a  celebrity chef with an outstanding reputation in USA. After just one visit to his restaurant, I am convinced that his innovation in fusion food is an artwork by itself. It’s a privilege to have such a talented chef ‘spread his wings’ in our humble country.

AB Taco (IDR 155.000): Wagyu kalbi, spicy tomato ponzu. Super cute,super delicious tiny- finger food tacos. Crispy taco shell with scrumptious beef toppings.

Horenzo Shira Ae (IDR 85.000): Baby spinach, Sesame sauce, Rayu. Cold fresh appetizer with spinach wrap in crunchy cucumber, in a pool of savory Japanese sesame sauce.

King Crab Dynamite (IDR 195.000) : King crab, oranges and wild mushrooms. Crispy king crab with rich creamy and spicy Dynamite sauce.

Tuna Pizza (IDR 195.000) : Ponzu. mayo, Shiso and truffle oil. Love the thin and crisp pizza pastry.The tuna with truffle fragrance works well as the toppings.

Crispy Kalbi Roll (IDR 195.000): Korean braised short ribs sushi.with coleslaw toppings. Love how simple yet delectable this sushi is.The sushi rice has the perfect thickness and taste.

Miso Black Cod (IDR 195.000): Pan seared Black Cod with Shishito and beet chili foam. The fish fillet is tender,juicy and buttery like.

48 Hrs Wagyu Short Rib (IDR 450.000): Wagyu.beef with baby root veggies and quail egg. Love the whole presentation, the wagyu beef cubes melts in your mouth.The taste was kind of bland for me but the sauce saved it.

Pop Rocking (IDR 165.000): Spicy crab, asparagus, lemon pop rocks. If you are looking for something different, this one will make your day. The sushi rice has the perfect thickness, the spicy crab is delicious, but there’s one surprising flavor that just blew me away and it’s the hidden pop rocks inside. The sweetness and the saltiness works well together.It’s a party in your mouth!

Jidori Chicken (IDR 210.000): Truffled potato pure and teriyaki sauce. The white meat chicken is so tender, the teriyaki sauce is superb and there’s crispy the chicken skin on the bottom that compliments the dish.

AB Choco Bar (IDR 75.000): Dark chocolate with peanuty flavor and chunks of walnuts inside.Yummm..

AB Shortcake (IDR 65.000): Fluffy Strawberry shortcake with vanila and green tea shortcake layers served with strawberry ice cream.
























Akira Back

MD Place Building, Penthouse / Level 12
JL. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7
Setiabudi – South Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: +6221 29040777

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