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After a day of culinary trip, I was preparing to go home through Jl. Senopati Jakarta, when I saw a new cafe spot that I have not tried before. Listening to my tummy, I concluded I did not need to digest another thing that night. However, curiosity got the best of me. The name ‘3 wise monkeys’ really got my attention.

I finally parked my car and went in for a dip of what they have to offer. Upon entering, I was told by the staff that they have just opened for a few days and they serve japanese food on the menu and alcoholic beverages, including cocktails and other drinks.

3 wise monkeys 1

3 wise monkeys 2

3 wise monkeys 3

I felt a bit concern with the ambience created by this semi industrial interior style and a more-than-necessary brightness from the lighting, other than the upbeat electrohouse music played there.

Can you feel the awkwardness from the interior photos above? I just felt something is off with the ambience. Or it’s just me being over obnoxious.

3 wise monkeys 4

3 wise monkeys 5

Since the menu was still temporary with a lot of unavailable items, I just ordered two dishes to try it out.

Saka Tofu (IDR 35,000)
Shoyu Butter Beef (IDR 79,000)

The shoyu butter beef initially came out with 70% fat and 30% meat, eww. I asked the waiter whether this was supposed to be like this and he checked with the kitchen. Fortunately, they replaced the dish with the proper one. The beef was alright, properly seasoned.

I think it is premature for me to judge or assume anything about this restaurant at this time. I might go there to try it again after 3 months of its opening. But in the mean time, I regret not taking heed of what my tummy has to say.

3 Wise Monkeys
Jl. Suryo (just across the street from Crematology Coffee Roasters)
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

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