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My next food testing brought me to Yeyo, a newly opened restaurant on Senopati Rd., South of Jakarta. The place had a very noticeable exterior of wide wooden glass windows. The interior was cozy, with tropical atmosphere: rattan furniture,green painted walls and potted plants as accessories. The service was okay,but I noticed that the waitress didn’t have a good knowledge about the menu.


Red Salad (IDR 39.000): Tuna salad with watermelon castle served with fusion mayonnaise, pamelo,and sun flower seeds. Beautiful presentation and delicious dressing. A little too creamy but a very good start.

Mediterranean Hair (IDR 65.000): Angel hair pasta with scallop and gambas in mediterranean sauce. Unmemorable-tasteless-pasta, with tiny unnoticeable scallops.

Wagyu Mexican Taco (IDR 55.000): The taco with lettuce,cheese, fruits, nuts, served with guacamole,salsa & sour cream, was a disappointment. The taco shell wasn’t fresh and the sauces was bland. The only thing that good was the beef cubes, but it didn’t exactly blend with the taco.

Wagyu Cheese Fondue 150 gr (IDR 129.000): Cube steak grilled with olive oil served with infused cheddar, edam, and mozzarella cheese. I was expecting the proper fondue pot with the meal, but it was served in a taco bowl instead. Beside that the beef was juicy and delicious to be eaten with the cheese fondue.

The desserts:
Rainbow cake (IDR 45.000): Disappointing cake that’s soggy with too much butter and food coloring.

Snickers chocolate cake (IDR 40.000): There weren’t any Snicker bar in it,if you’re wondering. But the mousse-like chocolate cake with peanut and caramel crust was a winner.


Yeyo Lobby & Eatery

Jl. Senopati No. 64
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Phone: 021-722 8129

Average Spending: IDR 200.000

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