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There are only a couple of Greek restaurants in Jakarta and Yamas might be the only one with authentic Grecian menus. Because of it’s rarity, you can expect a whole new experience, as soon as you step in the eatery. Yamas is a traditional Greek restaurant, with conventional and classic interior.


Greek Salad (IDR 45.000): Mixed tomato, cucumber, red onion,  paprika and Greek Feta cheese, tossed in Vinaigrette and sprinkled in Oregano.

Spanakopitakia (IDR 35.000):Traditional Greek Pie filled with Spinach, Onions, Feta cheese and herbs.


Moussaka (IDR 75.000): Traditional dish of baked layers of potatoes, minced beef and eggplant. A Greek version of italian lasagna.

Souvlaki Chicken (IDR 80.000): Well seasoned chicken, tomato and paprika. Grilled on a skewer served with baked potato. Tasty chicken skewers that you won’t forget, with the mayo-like sauce that really compliment the dish.


Baklava (IDR 35.000): Layers of Fila pastry with Walnuts and Honey.



Yamas Authentic Greek Restaurant

Jl. Prapanca Raya No.37C
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2950-1040


  1. …. blm mulai makan udah disuguhin loud live music” in the tiny place, quite annoyed. the food is 6 out of 10, to bad Mykonos Greek Resto only in bali, ….say no more.

  2. Yamas Authentic Greek Restaurant, Prapanca, Jakartan Selatan. pertama Kali masuk, seperti “smoking room” di bandara, hampir semua merokok, (atmosphere: 2/5) termasuk karyawannya (berbaju putih, mungkin chef nya) , Sudahlah niat nya nyobain slagi gw tiap hari lewat situ, kita pesen 3 main course, 1 appetizers, lumayan agak lama , pas makanan tiba, Dari penampilannya sudah meragukan, (presentation Dan value : 2/5) bener ternyata “Asin”, dry, Dan semua salah, katanya “baked potato is more boiled to me, (food : 1/5) — ternyata sudah ada komen yg sama di blog sebelah) , sudah lah hilang selera, ganti yg lain, Dan ternyata bisa dibilang seneng bgt sama garam”, … and the live music..
    to loud man, …. if you looking for Authentic Greek Restaurant in indonesia go to ” M–k–s” di bali sana, not this one.
    but service nya OK , helpful smua.

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