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It wasn’t hard to find the Spice Rack in Kemang Village Lippo Mall, it’s located just outside the outdoor restaurant row on the Ground floor. The small restaurant has it’s own attractive quality. The interior speaks for itself. Spice jars lining up on the walls, as far as eyes an see, cracked unfinished walls and old light bulbs hanging from ceiling created the rustic feeling to the place. If you’re familiar with Go Curry restaurant, this is one of their newest dining place to visit.

Popcorn Chicken (IDR 35.000): Love how they use only white meat. The chicken has a timid taste, but the sauce was sweet ,spicy, sour and overall it was good.

Corn and Coriander Fritters (IDR 39.000): Fried corn cake/Bakwan Jagung with Lettuce and Chili jam.Just an average dish.

Chicken Briani Rice (IDR 75.000): Perfectly cooked Indian rice, you can really taste all the spices, with lots of juicy chicken. This one is a winner!

Breaded Fish with Mild Yellow Curry (IDR 52.000) and Plain Naan (IDR 20.000): Love the
Yellow Curry (Butter,tomatoes, cashews and cream) sauce, good quality of Dory fish, and really tasty naan bread,you can’t get enough of.

Chicken Tika with Very Hot Rogan Josh Curry (IDR 49.000) and Garlic Naan (IDR 20.000): the Chicken Tika was delish! And if you are a self proclaimed spicy queen like me, you’ll want to try the ‘Insanely Hot Spicyness’ Rogan Curry (the Kashmari classic)! It hits the spot.

Chicken Katsu with Mild Yellow Curry (IDR 52.000) and Rice (IDR 22.000): Similar to the breaded fish curry.






Lippo Mall Kemang
Ground Floor Kemang Village 36
South Jakarta – 12150

Phone: (021) 2952 8442

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