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A gastrobar in Bandung? When I first heard about it, it immediately gained my interest and curiosity since I was not keen on the idea of a gastrobar in this city. At least not just yet, I think the market was not completely ready. But the buzz was that it’s one of the new “it” place to go to in the city, especially during the weekend. Therefore, as soon as I got the time, I went there and experienced it for myself.

On arrival, we were welcomed by an entrance door built right on a wall that looked like it has been bouldered. Couldn’t wait to get in. And while inside, one of my favorite song was being played! dancing The interior resembled a run-down abandoned industrial building in a suburb area of a metropolitan city. And after doing some research on the name, it does show some similarities with the Southbank district, an eclectic urban area in London. The walls are mostly covered with roughly-washed cement. It gave a bit creepy ambiance to the joint yet cozy and cool at the same time. I think it accomplished its purpose for a hip and unique gastrobar that caters to its loyal patrons’ needs.







As the name “Gastrobar” implies, this bar obviously serve some sort of main courses and light bites. We ordered some of its appetizer dishes along with several mains.

Tahu Pletok (IDR 19.000) – fried tofu served with salty spices and chili. A bit too salty for me.

Spring Roll (IDR 20.000) – mixed vegetable wrapped in crispy skin.

Samosa (IDR 20.000) – curry minted leaf mixed with vegetables wrapped in crispy skin.

Spaghetti Margharita (IDR 36.000) – Spaghetti with bolognaise sauce served with bell pepper and mushroom. The spaghetti was well cooked and I like the mushroom.

Sate Ayam (IDR 35.000) – a regular Indonesia chicken satay served with peanut based sauce. The meat was a bit tough and wasn’t juicy enough.

Fried Chicken Crispy Dressing with Rice (IDR 35.000) – traditional fried chicken comes with crispy dressings. The fried chicken was quite juicy and the crispy dressings complemented it nicely.

Southbank Fried Rice (IDR 40.000) – fried rice with fried chicken and sunny side up egg comes with prawn crackers.








Midori Sour (IDR 45.000) – a classic cocktail with melon liquer. It’s more on the sweeter end than sour which I would prefer.

Healthy Green (IDR 25.000) –This mixed juice of vegetable (caisim) and several fruit blends


I’ve also tried their Lychee Margarita (IDR 50.000) and Strawberry Margarita (IDR 50.000). Their drinks are not extraordinary, and their cocktail drink list was pretty standard with drinks that are usually served in a regular bar. However I like the fact the bartender here did not tend to go overboard with the drinks by mixing too  much vodka/liquor than it should, thus making it way too bitter.

So overall… average food, I like the interior, the ambience and their choice of music, and I hope they’ll offer more unique delicious drinks in the future.


Southbank Gastrobar
Jl. Aceh No. 61
Bandung, Indonesia
T: +62 22 9218-3888

Average Spending IDR 90.000

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