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I’ve heard many good things about this particular restaurant in Bali,so when I visited the land of the Gods recently,I took the chance to take a ‘Sip’. The humble and cozy restaurant has nothing extraordinary to offer in terms of the interior,but if you’re the one who put taste above the rest, you’ll definitely love Sip. The menu which consisted of French & Italian cuisine has many varieties to choose from. The service and surroundings focus on family friendly atmosphere.


Frisee Aux Lardons (IDR 57.000): Curl lettuce with Shallot-Dijon Mustard dressing, croutons, red wine vinegar-sauteed back bacon bits, poached egg. Fresh salad with spicy tangy dressing. Really refreshing.

Escargots A La Parisienne (IDR 75.000): Shell Less Burgundy-like snails, garlic Parsleyed butter sauce. This appetizer was good but wasn’t the best.

Tagliatelle ‘Provencale’ (IDR 85.000): Fresh Tagliatelle pasta with sauteed chili peppers, tomato Coulis, black olives, garlic, Provencale Olive oil and Shaved Grana Panado Parmesan. Fantastic pasta,The tomato sauce flavor had just the right zest. Very simple but tasty to the max.

Profitteroles Au Chocolat (IDR 85.000) : Choux-pastry filled with vanilla ice cream with side serving of chocolate sauce. Very good icecream, but wasn’t a fan of the overcooked profitteroles.


The SIP ‘Stimulus’ Set Menu (IDR 195.000):

French Onion Soup : Chicken broth with Red Port,dash of garlic, peeled white onions, Ementhal cheese on croutons au gratin. Couldn’t get enough of this delicious soup.

Steak Hache ‘SIP’ :Grilled Beef ground made of Rumsteak and wagyu scraps , green peppercorn sauce and Potato Maxim’s. Juicy steak,marvelous sauce,and the crunchy potatoes added the spark.

Lemon Soufflé  : Lemon soufflé with side serving of Strawberry coulis. Strong lemon taste, velvety taste in your mouth. The Perfect soufflé in terms of taste and presentation!


The SIP ‘Stimulus’ Set Menu (IDR 195.000):

French Onion Soup (IDR 75.000)

Mahi Mahi with Leek Fondue :Poached fillet of Mahi Mahi with white and green parts of leek emulsified with garlic,shallot and Tuscan olive oil, steamed potatoes. Love the simple but memorable sauce that brings out the fresh taste of the fish.

Warm apple tart : A La Minute warm and individual Fuji apple tart with vanilla icecream. Thin crispy pastry with extra juicy apple slices.Delicious.







Jl.Raya Seminyak No.16A
Kuta 80361
Bali, Indonesia

Phone: +62361730810

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