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The name “Saka” led me to think that it’s a japanese restaurant. However after my visit here, I quickly changed my perception on this restaurant to a more western or asian fusion bistro. The interior adopts a modern tropical nuance which is kinda reminding me of Bali. The first thing that we saw when we came in is the quite distinctive wall of the pantry area decorated with nine koi fish sculpture. We chose to sit in the non smoking section close to the backyard window.




Avocado Pineapple Salad (IDR 18) – A good salad combination, mixed vegetable with avocado and pineapple, drizzled with orange mango dressing. Unfortunately the honey pineapple was a bit too sour. But it might be great for people who like sour.

Pumpkin Soup (IDR 19.5) – Pumpkin puree with cream and chicken stock served with nutmeg. It would be great if the pumpkin flavor can be made as the hero of the dish, since on this one the cream a bit overwhelm the whole flavor.


Pan & Fried Dory (IDR 42) – Pan fried dory served with crushed potato, blanched tomato basil, and garlic vinaigrette. A bit too bland. It’s supposed to be a good combination of dish if the dory wasn’t a bit over cooked.


Sticky Ribs (IDR 47.5) – Caramelized beef ribs served with green rice and spicy sauce. The taste was good. A tad too sweet, with mild spiciness (I wish they added more bang though). The ribs however was a bit undercooked so it’s becoming rather tough. The meat portion itself is too small for guys I think.


Pannacotta (IDR 20) – Soft italian pudding served with chocolate ice cream and peach coulis. It is soft alright, according to my liking and the taste was pretty good.


Strawberry Tropical (IDR 20) – A mix between strawberry, pineapple, and citrus juice.

Citrus Berry (IDR 20) – Fresh strawberry, lychees and lemon combined. The better choice among the two drinks. Liked the fruit mix, it gave a refreshing yet sweet after taste.

Nice presentation & good ambiance overall. They can still improve on several areas but hey it’s still in their trial opening period. They also claimed that most of their vegetables are organic and they don’t use any MSG, which is a plus point for me. So I’m definitely looking forward to visit them again to try their other dishes.


Saka Bistro & Bar
Jl. Karang Sari no. 2
Setiabudhi, Bandung

Phone: (022) 6170 7340

Average Spending: IDR 100.000


  1. I really f&%$#@ dissapointed with the service in saka bandung. The point is when I want to park my car and the mate was FORCED me up to vallet my car. Its my choice either I parked my car thourgh vallet or by my self. And when I parked my car in a proper place BUT he always gave me the attention to parked away my car and he told me that I put my car to the innapropiate place until 3 times. WTH was that ? please advice to Saka’s manager about this problem. Hopefully this never happen again.

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