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When I stepped inside the Red at Kemang Village, I was immediately taken by it’s whimsical interior. The laid back but beautiful garden styled restaurant created a great place to spend time with family or any other dining occasions. The service here was also splendid with good knowledge about the menu.

My food testing at the Red brought great dining experience with the wonderful dishes they offered. The concept here, as was stated by the owner, is somewhat similar, but more upscaled than the Red Tomato restaurant in Plaza Indonesia. The menu at Red, has more variety, such as the addition of Indonesian food. One thing that I’ve noticed here was also the huge selection of the Mocktails and Cocktails. I tried some of these drinks and I honestly can say that they’re fantastic and worth the try.


Squid ink pizza (IDR 89.000): Extra crispy thin crust pizza with special black squid ink mayonaisse based sauce and topped with Rocket salad,squids and shrimps. Crunchy,delicious, sweet and tangy sauce with fresh seafood that’s to die for. Got to try this signature dish!

Fried beef oxtail sambal ijo (IDR 110.000): 250 gr of tender and tasty imported oxtail beef cooked with sambal ijo,served with steamed rice, beef soup, and pickles. Delicious sambal
marinated beef,love the soup too.

Beef Veal Saltimbocca (IDR 185.000): 120 gr medallions of pan roasted beef veal tenderloin served with pan gravy sauce creamy polenta. Beautiful presentation, good quality of beef, very tender and juicy tasty. Instead of mashed potato, they served it with corn based Polenta instead. It’s perfect for those of you who’s watching your weight or just prefer on a healthy choice.



Mocktails and Cocktails:
Sangria Sanguine (IDR 85.000): Red version of the ever popular Sangria with homemade mint syrup, fresh oranges, muddled lychee and Cointreau.

Maybe It’s Ice Cream Soda (IDR 39.000): Ginger,Lemon,Soda, served with Strawberry Stick, Wafer Stick, and Vanilla Ice Cream on the top.

Water Melon Park (IDR 39.000): Watermelon chunk, cucumber, Vanilla syrup, and Lemon.

Mixed Berry Medley (IDR 39.000): Berry compote, fresh strawberry, Vanilla syrup, lemon with soda on top and Raspberry compote.

In High Spirit (IDR 39.000): Apricot, Passion fruit, and lemon.



Lippo Mall Kemang Village Upper Ground.
Jl. P. Antasari No. 36
South Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 2952-8425

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