Author: Posh Eater

I don’t find many brand new restaurant that gives a good first impression like the one I found here in Publico. This three stories restaurant had a profound effect on me from the get go. From it’s 1920s interior, the music, the ambiance, the details on menu till the red black and white restroom gave it a first class feeling. The food and the service was also fantastic for an eatery that just opened 3 days earlier.

Grilled American Scallops (IDR 75.000): Scallops with veggies and a drizzle of wasabi and lime vinaigrette. Other than the scallops being a little under-cooked, the appetizer was delicious and freshly done.

Charcoal Grilled Prawn and Chicken Apple Salad (IDR 65.000): with Honey Mustard vinaigrette. Tasty prawn with fresh greens.

Duck Aglio Alio (IDR 65.000) with homemade matah relish. The pasta was al dante, with perfect seasonings.

Tea Smoked Salmon (IDR 95.000): Roasted in ginger and garlic marinade, serve with wasabi mashed potatoes and apple salad.  The thick cut salmon was cooked well. Could use an extra touch of salt,but the overall was amazing.


Fruit Tartlet (IDR 45.000): Pate sable, cream pattisserie, strawberries, and vanilla chantilly. Smooth tasty filling with pie crust is to die for!

Chilled Valrhona Mars Bar (IDR 55.000): with ‘Valrhona’ chocolate mousse, chocolate crumble, vanilla chantilly topper with salted caramel. Beautiful cake with perfect textured mousse. Tasted wonderful as it looks.



Senopati Raya No. 65
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 52964960

Average Spending: IDR 250.000

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