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Located in the center of the busy business area Permata Senayan,this Spanish/international casual bistro is a great place to have either fast paced business lunch or a relaxing dining experience. The simple laid back atmosphere, fantastic service and assorted collection of menus (including kid’s menus) must be the things that attracted many of it’s expats and local customers. But of course we can’t ignore the most important aspect of a restaurant,which is quality and taste of the food.


Croquet D Pollo (IDR 29.000): Chicken and egg croquettes. Crunchy outside,cheesy inside. Overall a good croquet.

Champinones en Salsa Estilo Bilbao (IDR 32.000): Mushrooms tapas in Bilbao style sauce. Delicious mushrooms with tantalizing sauce.

Gambas Ajillo (IDR 39.000): Prawn tapas sauteed with garlic and parsley. Good quality of shrimps with delicious sauce.

Tortilla Patata (IDR 29.000): Spanish omelette. Fried eggs with potatoes tapas. There’s nothing special about this one.

Seafood Paella (IDR 145.000): Traditional Spanish rice with seafood. Large portion of paella, good quality of seafood. Love the texture and the taste. Fantastic dish!




Lemon Tart (IDR 28.000): A slice of lemon tart topped with meringue, served with mint and caramel sauce. Good homemade tart,perfect textured with a strong lemon taste.

Crema Catalana: Spanish version of crème brûlé. The main difference between the Spanish recipe and that of the French and Brits is that crema Catalana is made from a mixture of milk and cream with a distinctive spicing of citrus peel and cinnamon and the custard is set by chilling while crème brûlée and burnt cream are made from cream alone and set by baking in a bain-marie. This catalana was velvety,fragrant, noticeably made with passion resulting in a superb dessert.



Plan B

Rukan Permata Senayan
Jl. Tentara Pelajar Blok D25-26
Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 57940821

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