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Phon Chang is a new establishment by the same owner as the famous Tjitlada , Chandara and White Elephant Thai Cuisines. The family oriented restaurant might look more humble than the rest, but the food here reflects the pure passion for creative Thai cooking, no less than the others. Interior of white and purple walls brighten up the tiny but cozy place.

Prawn Cake (IDR 28.000): Thai Shrimp Cake with sweet and sour sauce. Scrumptious appetizer shrimp cake appetizer.

Pomela Salad with Chicken (IDR 28.000): Another genius dish, the natural sour Pomela pulps, cooked with salty and spicy chicken,created a sensational taste in your mouth. Really tasty.

Fried Prawn Toast (IDR 28.000): Fried toast with prawn cake on the top. A unique snack that’s a favorite of both kids and adult.

Mango Salad (IDR 20.000): Young shredded sour mango with special sweet chili paste.

Thai Beef Noodle Soup (IDR 35.000): One of my favorite from this restaurant. Brown beef broth soup with rice noodle,meatballs and slice of beef. Similar to Vietnamese noodle soup but with stronger taste broth.

Fried Rice Terasi (IDR 40.000): Fried rice with shrimp chili paste.

Ikan Pla Neung Se-Ew(IDR 195.000):Thai steamed fish in soy sauce. The main thing about this dish is ,of course, the freshness of the fish,but the sauce also plays an important role. The sweet and salty sauce worked really well with the simple and healthy dish.

Green Curry Kwetiaw (IDR 40.000): Delicious tasty fried kwetiaw without the ‘too rich’ factor.

Cassava (IDR 16.000): Gloriously sticky, sweet, chewy and delicious Thai Candied Cassava root.

Durian with Sticky Rice (IDR 23.000): A favorite dessert of those of you Durian lovers. The combination of sugar and coconut cream gives this sweet dish a full rich flavor.


Phon Chang

Ruko Pertokoan Permata Hijau I
Permata Hijau Blok D no. 21
Jakarta 12210, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 5494174


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