Author: Posh Eater

My next culinary visit took me to this new restaurant in Kemang area. Parc 19 is located in the outer Kemang area, quite convenient for those of you who hate Kemang’s infamous traffic. The Parc 19 stands alone and very spacey. The one story building has a simple interior with a large bar as the main attraction. They also have a very nice outdoor area that’s covered with clear roof which offers protection from rain and added the bright natural sunlight.

Nicoise Salad (IDR 50.000): Peppered mayo tuna, anchovies, boiled egg, potatoes, tomatoes, olives and green bean. Delicious and fulfilling salad. You could really taste the fresh qualities of the ingredients.

Prawn Money Bags (IDR 35.000): Marinated tiger prawns in wonton wrapper with sweet soy sauce and sweet and sour sauce. This dimsum like appetizer was beautiful to look at, tasted delicious too. The wonton skin was a bit thick,but the filling was tasty. The sweet soy sauce added the nice touch to the dish.

Fish and Chips (IDR 80.000): Beer battered fish fillets, triple fried chips, tartar and rocket salad. My first impression on this dish was ‘Wow’. It’s surprisingly big for Jakarta’s standard portion. I love how the presented it too. The supposedly simple dish looked fancy with the salad and the whole arrangement of the food. About the taste, it’s fresh fish with crunchy and flavorful coating. And I really love the tartar sauce.

Golden Caramel Crumble Cake (IDR 55.000): Caramel Crumble layered vanilla ice cream cake. If you are a true self proclaim sweet tooth like I am, you’ll fall head over heels over this dessert! The soft rich vanilla ice cream is mesmerizing with crunchy pie crumbs, caramel sauce,and tangy berry sauce on the top. The only thing that I didn’t get, was the cheap ice cream on the side.


Parc 19

Jl. Taman Kemang Raya No.19
Mampang Perapatan
Jakarta Selatan – 12310, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 7199988

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