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Tan Chang Chinese restaurant is located in San Gabriel area which is also known as LA’s second China town. This place specialized in seafood and dim sum. The service, like many typical Chinese restaurants, are fast and loud.  The people are friendly and helpful about the menu. It’s a great place to go for a great seafood meal.

Crab Meat with Asparagus soup ($20.95): Fresh soup with pieces of asparagus,great dish to eat on cold day.

Newport Special Lobster,Seasonal Price ($59.81): Tan Chang’s recommended dish. Succulent fresh Lobster cooked with green onion, salt, pepper, and other ingredients that would rock your world. The freshness of the lobster meat was incredible and you can really taste it.

Fried Tofu ($9.95): Light but a great dish to enjoy.

Beef Loc Lac French ($12.95): Delicious tender and juicy beef with lime and salt mixture on the side.

Big Sprout ($16.95): Fantastic veggie dish.

Shrimp Walnut ($15.95): Crunchy sweet fried shrimps with special mayo sauce.

Salt & Pepper Squid ($10.95): This wasn’t my favorite dish, although the squid was fresh, they overcooked it, resulting it to be quite tough to chew.



Tan Chang

518 W. Las Tunas Drive
San Gabriel, CA 91776


Phone: (626) 289-5998


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