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Shopping, bar and restaurant in one place with an intriguing eclectic interior design,is what Mama Goose brought to the table. It’s great location on the busy Panglima Polim street is also one of it’s plus side. The menu ranges from Indonesian, Japanese, Italian to Western food. But what about the quality and taste?



Mary Weather Mocktail (IDR 45.000): Mixture of grapes,mangoes, lemon and Sprite. It was too sweet, I wish they could’ve exchange the Sprite into soda water instead.

Mama’s Southern Chicken (IDR 45.000): Boneless wings served with grilled watermelon pickle and chipotle corn. Crunchy delicious chicken wings, Too bad they don’t have the sauce to go with it.

Mongolian Beef (IDR 55.000): Sauteed beef and vegetables, poured with sizzling Mongolian sauce served with fragrant rice. Although it’s tasty, the dish was just too small.

Mama’s Juicy Beef Burger (IDR 60.000): Beef patty in crispy buttery bun served with onion rings, coleslaw and salty potato chips. The look was just average,and so was the taste.

Mama’s Aglio Olio w/ Chicken (IDR 45.000): Fettucine sauteed with Olive oil,garlic, and chili. Nothing special about this pasta dish, the taste was okay but lack the wow factor.

Granny Goose’s Apple Pie (IDR 45.000): Apple pie with a scoop of Vanilla icecream. Very soft pie, tasty apples,good ice cream.




Mama Goose

Jl. Panglima Polim 9, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 7229292


  1. Tried the pesto pasta. It was tasteless. And when I asked for chili flakes, the waiter offered me a chili sauce instead. Haha. I just didn’t expect a classy-looked place like that would offer me a chili sauce for a pesto pasta :))

    By the way, just found your blog. Love all the writings & snaps.

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