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I have noticed this place before its opening during my visit to Bistrot a couple of months ago. It was located just beside bistrot. Its vintage and natural look with a bridge-like entrance alley worked like a magnet pulling my curiosity and stored it firmly in my memory of “must-visit restaurant”. So naturally on my latest trip to the island of Bali, I visited the place and tried to find out what kind of cafe it is and what they are offering.

La Favela is a restaurant serving International and Peruvian menus. I heard from the waitress that the head chef, Chef Marco, is a Peruvian. The interior is vintage to say the least with numerous funky elements as decorations. When I strolled a bit further into the outdoor area, I was surprised with the romantic ambience it was emitting. It is a perfect romantic escapade for couples or for close friends to hang out.






Based on a strong recommendation from one of the waiter, we ordered its starter “Chevices Classico” (IDR 70,000) which is a peruvian national dish of fresh raw fish which is mahi mahi marinated in citrus juice. It is a great dish. The fish is fresh and it is strongly complemented by the sourness of citrus juice.


Next two dishes are from the mains:

Chinatown (IDR 130,000): marinated baby pork ribs in tamarind miso and vegetables. The flavor is good, but the meat can be cooked a bit more tender especially when I just ate a better pork ribs from other restaurants just two days before.

Pirate of the caribbean (IDR 110,000): marinated barramundi with peruvian creole sauce and oyster mushrooms. Like the chevice, the fish are fresh and well-cooked. It was well flavored.


And a drink which was Lassies Mango (IDR 30,000)

It’s a hot new comer to the already hip seminyak. The decor was amazing, looks better than on the picture. The food was presented well and tasted good. On the down side, not all of the server are friendly. The first server taking our orders was not helpful at all. I wonder if it is because I’m a local since I’m noticing they’re really friendly with guests from overseas. Luckily her friend got it covered with a great service recovering some of our disappointments.


La Favela

Jl. Laksamana Oberoi 177x

Seminyak, Denpasar, Bali

Phone: (0361) 730010

Average Spending:  IDR 250,000

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