Author: Posh Eater

I remember Kihana was one of my favorite Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, back in the days when it was still located on the street outside of Plaza Indonesia. Since then, it has settled inside the expensive mall,with a beautiful interior. Part of the eye catching view were the huge heavy curtains accentings the many private tables on the main hall. The middle of the area was the rotating sushi bar with seats around it.

Flounder Salad (IDR 98.000): Deep fried Flounder fish mixed with vegetables, with sweet and sour dressing. Tangy and refreshing taste, very good fried fish.

DIG Roll (IDR 98.000): One of Kihana’s favorite’s sushi. It’s Kani stick, cucumber,salmon,cheese, and tobiko. Too bad today it wasn’t as good as I remembered. The rice wasn’t sticky enough,and lacked the taste.

Ebi Mentaiko Spaghetti (IDR 78.000): My personal favorite, the fusion pasta dish. The garlic sweet sauce is very tasty, mixed with the crunchy shrimp tempura created a very satisfying meal.

Beef Miso Ramen (IDR 70.000): Miso ramen with beef, bean sprouts, seaweed, boiled egg and scallion. The soup and toppings were actually good, but the noodle was slighty over cooked.



Plaza Indonesia 1st Flr.
Phone: (021) 310 7596
Average Spending: IDR 150.000

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