Kota Kasablanka is another brand new addition to Jakarta’s never ending collection of malls. As a self proclaimed fan of the original Katjapiring Bandung, I was eager to try the Jakarta branch. The bright eye catching painted restaurant was located in the Food Society (restaurant row) Kota Kasablanka. The green, red and pink theme matches the soul of the place, which is Malay Peranakan cuisine. The service was fast and well managed.


Roti Canai & Beef Curry (IDR 31.000): Malaysian stylle pancake served with beef chunks in curry gravy. Delicious beef curry,but the roti canai was a bit too dry.

Asem Asem Iga Sapi Oma Chen (IDR 60.000): Beef ribs cooked in sweet and sour soup Semarang style. Juicy, tangy and all the wonderful flavor you could find in one single dish. Number one recommended dish!

Terong Masak Lemak (IDR 33.000): Aubergines cooked in spicy sambal lemak. Delish eggplant dish with tangy sambal sauce.

Baby Beans Masak Ebi (IDR 35.000): Sauteed baby beans in dried shrimp sauce. Fantastic dish.

Brocolli Cah Almond (IDR 35.000): Stir fried brocolli in garlic sauce topped with crunchy almond. Fresh and simple veggie dish.

Fried Fish Nyonya Style Gurame Fish (IDR 85.000): Breaded deep fried whole fish served with homemade Nyonya sauce. I’ve always been a skeptical to taste this fish cause if you cook it in the wrong way, the fish meat tends to have a strong intolerable smell. But this dish was incredible. The fish was beautifully presented, tasted fresh, and I love the extra crunchy coating they use. The spicy sauce also added a spark to the meal.

Curry Fried Rice (IDR 39.000): Curry fried rice wrapped in thin omelet and topped with crispy chicken. Very good and tasty fried rice.

Soun Singapore (IDR 39.000): Vermicelli cooked in Singapore style served with carrot,cabbage chicken and egg.

Es Kapiten Jonker (IDR 25.000): Slices of sea coconut, grassjelly, nata de coco served with pandanus syrup.

Es Kacang ABC (IDR 25.000): Mix of cincau, azuki beans, sweet corn, longan, Attap fruit, jelly, topped with three colored aromatic flavored syrup.

Es Menado Manise (IDR 25.000): Soursop, coconut jelly, and young coconut. Love the sweet and sour refreshing taste.



Food Society
Mall Kota Kasablanka. UG floor, unit FSU 35.
Jl. Kasablanka, Kav. 88
South Jakarta 12870 – Indonesia.
Phone: (021) 29488671

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