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Huize Van Wely is one of the few earliest generation of fine dining place in Kemang that still amazes me till today. As a part of the extravagant Papilion building, this place’s minimalist interior has a cozy home-like feeling that’s perfect for a relaxing meal/high tea. They also has a superb reputation for cakes and pastries which is always on the display. Another thing that I like to point out, I love their effort on the details of the small things like the personalized napkin, their cutlery and eating utensils. Everything they provide is a true reflection of high taste and classy standard.


Oriental Chicken Salad (IDR 85.000): Mixed green salad with grilled organic chicken, Shitake Mushrooms, Tri-colored Paprika, tossed in Oriental Vinaigrette. The colorful combination of the visual and taste was amazing. Sweet,sour,tangy,fresh,a bit of spiciness made this salad great.

Lobster Fettucini (IDR 250.000): Spiced Lobster in Tomato sauce, served with home made Fettucini. Very tasty and juicy pasta. It’s a little overcooked,but still tasty nonetheless. The lobster bits was generous and delicious.

Spicy Prawns Spaghetti (IDR 125.000): Spaghetti with Jumbo Prawns, Broccoli, Anchovies and Crushed Red Chilies. This fusion pasta is perfect for those who love Asian inspired dish. The extra fragrant and taste from the Anchovies is the main thing that made this pasta different.

Melting Chocolate Pudding Served with homemade Vanilla Ice cream (IDR 65.000): When I ate this, I died and went to Heaven. The tiny dark chocolate melt was fantastic, and the ice cream was amazing as well. My taste bud was awaken by the high quality of chocolate, and the real Vanilla bean in the dessert. To add the spark was the separated Raspberry sauce (with real bits and chunks of Raspberry) and white chocolate sauce. It’s Heaven on earth.


Huize Van Wely

The Papilion, 1st Floor.
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 45AA, Jakarta, Indonesia 12730

Phone: (021) 719 1975, (021) 719 5737

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