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This Japanese steak place is located side by side with Loobie Lobster’s newest branch in Panglima Polim street. It’s convinient because you can order the two’s menu from  either one of the restaurants. I should mention that these came from the same company. The Loobie here has larger capacity than the original eatery in Gunawarman street, but because I’ve had the privilege to try Loubie Lobster, today I’m going to review the Holy Gyu steak place instead.

Wagyu Short rib boneless 100 gr(IDR 100.000): I enjoyed the teriyaki like seasonings, although the meat was a bit tough to chew.

Prime Australian Tenderloin 200 gr ( IDR  92.000) : Delicious beef cubes, tender and juicy.

Chicken Steak (IDR 45.000): Simple  marinated chicken,served with rice,miso soup and   veggies.

All of the menu served with Holy Gyu’s signature sauces: Tsuke Dare, Goma and Lemon sauce.HG1a





Holy Gyu

Jl.Panglima Polim V No.21
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta 

Phone: (021) 53662815

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