Author: Posh Eater
Located right next to Tesate, this new French restaurant lured customers with it’s long display of cakes and pastry goodies right in the entrance of the eatery. The elegant gold and grey decor features a vintage 1950s feel with a touch of modern style. The food selection is limited, but the portion is surprisingly generous for a French cuisine. This place was obviously created to attract more people who fancy drinks and desserts besides heavy meals.

Onion Soup (IDR 60.000) served with melted cheese toast: I could really taste the sweetness of the wine, onion and thick beef broth in this soup, which is amazing.

Crunchy Creamy Cheese (IDR 60.000): Fresh garden salad with crunchy creamy cheese wrap.

Burger Rossini (IDR 150.000): Extra juicy Wagyu beef patty with seared foie gras and sour cream on the side. Served with french fries.

Roasted Chicken (IDR 90.000): Roasted chicken with glazed vegetables in rosemary juice. The chicken meat was tough to chew, although the sauce was delicious.

Scallops (IDR 170.000): Love this perfectly cooked scallops, tasty king mushrooms,crunchy nuts and creamy bacon foam sauce. But it could use a touch of salt.



Baba Rhum (IDR 50.000): Brioche-like cake with vanilla Chantilly and a very strong Rhum sauce.

Hazelnut Chocolate (IDR 36.363): Beautifully created delicate chocolate mousse cake with pie crust.

Pineapple Vacherin (IDR 50.000): Pineapple sweet and sour sorbet-like ice cream cake with meringue sticks at the top. This cake put the ‘Ah’ in “Ah-mazing!”

Strawberry Custard Mille-feuille (IDR 31.818): Delicious puff pastry layers with custard cream and strawberries.



Plaza Senayan 4F Unit CP 410
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 57900140

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